.NET Conf 2022 x Seoul

.NET Conf Korea Sponsorship Information

한국어 정보는 .NET Conf Korea 스폰서쉽 정보 페이지를 참고하세요.


We are .NET Dev, a Korean developer community for .NET developers. Our community helds regular and occasional meetings/conferences for local .NET developers. We also maintain our forum website to help .NET developers to share their opinions and to encourage discussion among the developers.

Our community

Although .NET is a promising developing platform, many developers in Korea underestimate its value due to their misunderstandings of .NET, e.g., .NET is not open-source; .NET is expensive etc. To overcome the issues, our community has worked hard since 2019 by providing vast and accurate information on .NET to developers. Our effort was fruitful — many developers have recognized our activities, with some achievements as following:
Forum's DAU/MAU has reached 21% from October 2020 to October 2021.
Forum's page view is 56.7K between October 2020 to October 2021.
Our YouTube channel has 880 subscribers as of October 2021.
Our YouTube channel has totally 25.4K views as of October 2021.
Our latest open source project called 'TableCloth' has 247 stars and seven forks on GitHub as of October 2021.
We will continue putting our efforts to expand our influence among developers and to make more developers actively engaged in .NET. Our annual conference, called .NET Conf, is part of our efforts.

Our history

Starting Fall 2019, we're constantly holding .NET Conf Korea every year, which aligns with the global .NET Conf event. Until today, we had two yearly events and five small events. And we're going to prepare for the third annual event in January 2022, which aligns with .NET Conf 2021.
.NET Conf Mini 21.08
The virtual event
Five speakers, five sessions
.NET Conf Mini 21.04
The virtual event
Three speakers, three sessions
.NET Conf 2021 x Seoul
The virtual event, Three days
About 200+ attendees, 30 speakers, 34 sessions
Sponsors: Microsoft Korea, Cloudmate, Infragistics, Grapecity Korea, JetBrains, Onycom
.NET Conf Mini 20.10
The virtual event
Four speakers, four sessions
.NET Conf Mini 20.07
The virtual event
Five speakers, five sessions
60 attendees
Thursday .NET Live (2020)
The virtual event
Four speakers, four sessions
.NET Conf 2019 @ Seoul
In-person event held in Microsoft Korea, Gwanghwamun, Seoul
170 attendees, 14 speakers, ten sessions
Sponsors: Microsoft Korea, Planetarium, Infragistics, Microsoftware, JetBrains, Gil-beot Publishing, Blueport
2,000 USD (2,400,000 KRW)
All benefits in the Platinum Level + Keynote Co-host
1,000 USD (1,200,000 KRW)
All Benefits in the Silver Level + Marketing Opportunities (Send E-MAILs to participants) + Sponsor Session
500 USD (600,000 KRW)
All Benefits in the Community Level + Company Interview + Playing Advertise Films + Showing Company Logo (Video)
Under 500 USD (600,00 KRW) - or - Media, Goods, Giveaways, etc.
Showing Company Logo (Web Site)
Note: Company names are listed in ascending order.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

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